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Under new management since 2011, Altone Park Golf Course has been transformed from a badly neglected 'goat track' to its former glory. Fast greens (10.5 on the stimpmeter most days) there are 9 deceptively tough holes, with water on 7 of them. This is a beautiful walk in the park, but no push over.

1st Hole Par 4 (311m) Fearless
With a southerly wind behind you, a long drive can cut the dogleg and clear the lake and possibly reach the green, but it's a 220m carry, so most will play down the left and leave a mid iron to a very fast but mostly flat green.

2nd Hole Par 4 (339m) The Island
If the wind was behind on the first you are back into it on the 2nd. A solid drive moving away from the fairway bunker to the centre of the fairway is the play for most. The mid iron second shot on this hole is the one you have to play well, with water to carry and avoid all down the right side.A fast sloping green to finish off this short tough hole

3rd Hole Par 5 (403m) Choices
Long hitters can easily fall victim to this very tight hole. Cutting the corners over the trees almost always ends with the ball in the pot lake so a smart play is a long iron or hybrid to the top of the hill and then the same again to the green.
The green slopes left to right and has two tiers. A front pin is easy to get to, but if it's at the back it's a real challenge to hold the green.

4th Hole Par 3 (146m) Arrow
Mid iron to a green protected by a bunker right and a tree left so only a straight shot will be rewarded.

5th Hole Par 3 (131m) Goose Green
For most, the easiest hole on the course. Mid iron slightly up hill.

6th Hole Par 4 (338m) Not a Drop to Drink
The signature hole at Altone Park is the 6th. Long iron or hybrid to the left side of the fairway and then mid to long iron to the green.
A stream runs down the left side of the fairway and usually captures anything hit too long or left and tall trees will ensnare anything hit right off the tee.
The green is two tiered and often very fast. A par here is a very good result.

7th Hole Par 4 (323m) Glory
A draw with a driver or 3 wood will set up a flick to a flat and easy green. but anything too straight or left will end up in water.
Great birdie opportunity but plenty of risk too.

8th Hole Par 3 (193m) Merciless
Depending on which tee you hit off and the wind direction, this can be a 7 iron or a well hit 3 wood. The lake will take anything hit right or short.
Long is always better than short on this hole. Make par and you've done very well.

9th Hole Par 5 (448m) Home
The final hole requires a high draw off the tee (for right handers) to set up a 3 wood or hybrid to a fast slightly left to right sloping green and an easy birdie or perhaps eagle.
Faders and slicers hate the tee shot though with the lake tight down the right side and no room left either. If you find the short grass at the corner of the dogleg off the tee then a par 5 is fairly easy for most.

Altone Park is no push over. There are mounds and slopes everywhere making a flat lie a rare event and water on seven out of the nine holes. The greens are often very fast.

If you are playing well, a really low score is possible, but if you are having a bad day off the tee then the bar is a welcome refuge and the driving range is there after 4.30pm to
iron out the wrinkles in your swing.

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